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Dress Code

The dress code is casual attire, unless otherwise specified for specials events.  Casual attire includes collared shirts, neat slacks, dress shorts for gentlemen, and similarly suitable attire for women.  Blue jeans are not permitted at the Club, and proper footwear is required throughout the Clubhouse.  Bathing suits, when properly covered, are permitted during lunch service on the Poolside and Snack Bar Terraces, and during dinner service on these terraces only when there is a swim meet.  Racquets attire is appropriate dress for indoor dining at the Club but workout clothing is not permitted.  Caps and hats must be removed when dining.  Members' guests and children over 10 are expected to adhere to the dress code.

Boys and men must wear white, collared shirts with minimal color trim, and girls and women must wear appropriate white tennis attire with minimal color trim.  Hats must be white, and smooth soled tennis sneakers should be predominantly white with white laces.  During cold weather, color outerwear may be worn, though white jackets and sweatpants are preferred.

All players must wear white clothing.  Shirts do not need to have a collar.  Footwear must be clean, non-marking squash shoes.  Protective eyewear is required at all times, including during warm-up.
Members are responsible for the attire of their guests.

Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices 

In order to ensure the quiet enjoyment of the Club and to limit the impact on other members, all electronic devices must be in silent mode at all times and in all areas of the Club.  Cell phone conversations are prohibited on Club grounds except in the rest rooms and parking areas.  When necessary, brief and limited emailing texting and calendaring is acceptable if done discreetly and not in the Clubhouse or adjoining terraces. Use of cell phones to take or view photos is acceptable if done respectfully and doesn't invade a member's privacy. Electronic readers are permitted except in the dining areas of the Club.  Club Personell are authorized to enforce this policy.  Members are responsible for ensuring their guests are aware of and follow this cell phone policy.

The use of cell phones and electronic devices is prohibited from the Boys' and Girls' Locker Rooms at all times.